It’s better giving blood with a buddy

Don’t be a drip – hook up with your friends and get plastered together (over tea & biscuits)

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Giving blood doesn’t have to be draining

There are nearly 2 million donations a year, but that’s still from only 4% of the population.

Do something amazing together

Giving blood is quick and easy. Going with friends makes it fun too, and it’s a great excuse for a nice juicy steak afterwards.

Offer up a virgin

Until you’ve done it, giving blood can seem intimidating. Go along with a newbie and help them give ‘very nearly an armful’.

“We love giving blood together. We get to catch up, have a good natter and know we’re doing good too.”
—Tessa & Chris, Brighton
“I was a bit nervous about giving blood, but going with Dave meant I got over it. Turns out it was easy anyway—we’ll give again.”
—Richard & Dave, Leominster

Need more advice?

Can I give blood?

If you’re aged 17–70 you may be able to give blood providing you haven’t had any tattoos or piercings in the past 4 months, been to a tropical country in the past 6 months, and are fit and healthy. You can potentially give blood up to 4 times in a year.

See for more info on eligibility.

Will it hurt?

Many people think that giving blood hurts, or takes a long time. But it doesn’t really – ask anyone you know who has already done it (and then ask them to give blood with you).

If you feel uncomfortable at any point you can let the medical staff know and they’ll fix it for you.

How long does it take?

Everybody donates about 470ml (less than a pint) and it only takes about 10 minutes to collect.

You’ll have a blood and blood pressure test when you arrive to make sure you’re good to give, and you need to stay a while after but there’s free tea and biscuits …and time to catch up with all your bluddies.

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